Pre-primary school opening likely from November 15

 Title :- Pre-primary school opening likely from November 15

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26 Responses to Pre-primary school opening likely from November 15

  1. this year no need to open pre primary...no body will responsible for future problems becoz of pandemic. ...its a matter of life not money...but in our country all r for there purpose only...no maintenance and nothing so how can we send small kids outside...

  2. How can we all leave our children to school or College And how can we know that the other children's who mingle with our kids effect with the covid 19 virus leads to the spread of virus continually ...

    So I kindly request you not to open school or college until the covid 19 has come to an end or controlled by the government

  3. Till the covid gets end schools and colleges should not be re-opened

  4. How can we send our children to school when the situation of our state is so.. Everyday it's increasing..

  5. Till the covid gets end school and colleges should not to be re opened

  6. Don't open the school and college

  7. at least till vaccine comes to market i think there is no need to open schools and college becoz children immune system will not fight with virus

  8. Don't open schools and colleges 👆🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲

  9. Plzzz dont open colleges and schools, plzzz dont play in students lifeeeeee

  10. Life is first than education until the vaccine comes to market should not open the schools and colleges we will not send our children outside until the vaccine comes

  11. Govt can plan distance education to keep updated of kids IQ. There shouldn't be compulsary visit to schools. Batch wise classes can be conducted... There shouldn't be mass gathering.

  12. We don't want to reopen college,
    Yarig adru Corona bantu Andra college hone Agbeku ,hagandre Asta reopen madbek

  13. Wasting a year due to corona is just a stupid decission.. we ug students cannot afford to waste one academic year. Atleast let the government open degree colleges medical colleges in september. Its all about our future. We dont want to waste one year. We want colleges to start

  14. Yes, I want college....
    Plzzz reopen the college
    Becoz I don't like waste this year.

  15. Thank you so much for all. For the purpose of opening the schools and colleges because, we are getting a lot of disturbance in the online classes.so I thankful to everyone who are supporting in this once again thank you so much for all.

  16. Please don't open the colleges because if you do this mistake and viruses exposes .. please count the average no of schools and colleges or students present in this state .. you will find it

  17. Life is worthfull than one academic year education ... Please think again before reopen college

  18. When they will open school and college

  19. Please open fast as fast school and college

  20. I can't understand by online classes

  21. Please don't rome whit any reason