Orders for teachers to work from home

Title :-  Orders for teachers to work from home
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State :-Karnataka
Published Date :- 06/07/2020
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13 Responses to Orders for teachers to work from home

  1. Work from home is good.because rare buses to travel.

  2. Work from home for teacher's will be a good decission

  3. Yes work from home is really better I think because. It is safe for the teachers perticularly for those who are working inrural areas and also when children are not coming to school then what is the se of teachers going to school

  4. Please,sir,give us permission to work at home in such a difficult situation. We have a family and fear.

  5. Sir ,I have 11 month baby ,I am worried to take child to school ,as iam still feeding my baby so it's better for us to work from home .

  6. Finaly our confusion is settled thanks to everyone who fought for the cause......

  7. Sir due to increasing covid cases it is very risky to travel to school in public transport. And also the villages are scared of infection because of us. Also We have kids at home to take care of, so please sir allow us to work from home.

  8. Please issue the order as immediate as possible.

  9. Work from home is better for teachers it will be safe for them and there family members and others too

  10. Work from home is better in this situation.

  11. Work from home is the best decision at present situation because widespread of covid 19

  12. Work from home is better to save from covid19
    As children are not coming, online classes should be started by teachers

  13. Work from home is best decision by the government for the present situation as covid19 is spreading have become more in karnataka. By working in home we can save it from spreading so issue the order as soon as possible